Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Setup Instructions

The Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC) is a small software application that allows your desktop device (computer or laptop) to connect from a remote location. When using OVDC you’ll be connected to the same session you had running from your Sun Ray, as if you were still using your Sun Ray device at your primary place of work.

NOTE: Please read the installation guidelines and remember that you must register for every installation of OVDC onto a computer or laptop in order to enable your secure access.

Setup Instructions:

1. To download the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC): Click Here

2. Select "Run": When prompted to download the application file and start the installation wizard.

3. Security Warnings: During the installation of the client you may receive some security warnings (like the one shown below), select "Run".

4. Select "next" or "install": When prompted as you go through the installation wizard.

Some users may be prompted with a Windows Security message, choose “Yes”.

*** Please be assured that the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client is a secure application to access your programs over the internet ***

5. When the installation is complete: Launch the client by selecting
Start--> All Programs --> Oracle Virtual Desktop Client

6. Enter the Following Connection Information: Under the "Connection" tab, input:

  • Connect to server:
  • Display: Select "Window" or "Full Screen" depending on your preference. If you have multiple monitors you can also choose from the dropdown: "Span All Screens", "Display on 1", "Display on 2", etc.)
    • NOTE: Some users will need to select Full Screen if having display problems
  • Preferred session size: Choose "Auto Size"

7. Enter the Following Network Information: Select the Network tab and change the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to 1202

8. You may get the following: Some users may receive this message when connecting for the first time, please select "Allow Access"

9. The application has now been configured. You must register before you can use the software. To do so, select “Connect” to begin you session. When connecting to the server for the first time the following screen will appear.

Once the screen below is visible on your monitor please contact Cloudwerx Technical Support at 403-538-6659 (1-877-979-3281) to register your station for use.

Please note, you are not required to physically be at your station to complete the registration, but you will need to complete the registration before your remote session can be used. If, For example, you are installing the OVDC on your home pc, rather than contacting Cloudwerx Technical Support after hours, please leave your station at this screen and contact us the following morning to have your station registered.

NOTE: At anytime you can press SHIFT + ALT + CONTROL to disconnect from OVDC.

Click confirm to disconnect from your session and return to your desktop.

10. 10. After registration of your station with Cloudwerx is complete, you can connect to your Cloudwerx server; to do so, enter your username and password in the login screen.