Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): is a set of rules applied by Cloudwerx Data solutions for its networks, websites, or data centers’ that restrict the ways in which the site or system may be used by both its employees, vendors and customers. By signing this document you agree to abide by the rules setout within.

IT Services Agreement (ITS): This agreement is a requirement for all Cloudwerx Data Solution clients. Subject to the terms and conditions included in the Agreement, by signing, the client authorizes Cloudwerx Data Solutions and its specialized staff access to their facility, as required, and IT related systems for the sole purpose of providing support and IT services as requested by the client.

The client acknowledges, and accepts via this agreement, that Cloudwerx Data Solutions will not be held liable for the loss of any data or failure due to any hardware which may occur, due to hardware or software failure that may occur during the time the work was completed. The client understands that Cloudwerx will ensure that all safety protocols and procedures relating to the security of the hardware and the confidential data that may be contained there on will be followed at all times.

The following are for the Healthcare Sector only:

Information Management Agreement (IMA): This is an agreement required under the Health Information Act, section 66. Cloudwerx, is an ‘Information Manager’ for our clients in the healthcare sector, and is responsible for ensuring health related information, such as patient data, is kept confidential and secure. The Information Management Agreement is a formal pledge of Cloudwerx Data Solutions to protect the information of your clinic or client base within our datacentre and an acknowledgement and approval from you to host the information in the aforementioned secure setting but with the understanding that there are still risks involved although minimal.

For more information on the Health Information Act visit

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) - (according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Alberta website www.oipc.ab.ca): The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act provides the authority for the Information and Privacy Commissioner to comment on the implications for freedom of information or for protection of privacy of proposed legislative schemes or programs of public bodies. Privacy impact assessments are not mandatory under the FOIP Act, but are recommended for major projects that involve the collection, use or disclosure of personal information.

The Health Information Act (HIA) requires that the Information and Privacy Commissioner receive a privacy impact assessment for review and comment before a custodian implements proposed administrative practices and information systems relating to the collection, use or disclosure of individually identifying health information. Privacy impact assessments are mandatory under the HIA if the project fits the foregoing definition.

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has developed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process to assist organizations in reviewing the impact that the new project may have on the individual privacy. The process is designed to ensure that the public body or custodian evaluates the program or scheme to ensure compliance with the FOIP Act or HIA.

For more information visit www.oipc.ab.ca